thanks for your order! now i can rest easy knowing first responders will be able to locate your home much faster and help you if you ever need them in an emergency. you just made a very smart decision to help protect your family. i hope you will consider giving those you love and care about a reflective address sign to help protect them as well. you could be saving their life.

the following items have been carefully selected to help further protect your family and your home. CAREFULLY review each to see why…

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Home Warranty

Home Warranty

A home warranty plan helps cover many things Homeowners Insurance leaves out – like breakdowns of major home systems and appliances – so you can rest easy knowing you’re ready for whatever breakdowns inevitably strike next. Get affordable, flexible coverage. Get a Free Quote

Medical Alert Service

Protect your loved ones with the all-in-one mobile medical alert device with optional fall detection. Call this special dedicated number just for my customers XXX-XXX-XXXX to speak with a specialist who will help you figure out the best option to protect your family.

Outdoor Motion Detector

Stay protected and informed. Now you can know instantly when a person or vehicle enters your property from as far as 1/4 mile away. Protect your family and your home with an easy to install, fully expandable system that monitors your property and alerts you 24/7.

Door Reinforcement

Protect your family with the world’s most effective door security solution. This patented device system reinforces the weak points on your door and door frame. Police tested and recommended. $500 lifetime guarantee against kick-in. Easy to install.

Water Leak Monitor

Water damage can easily (and very quickly) cause thousands of dollars in damage. Not to mention the associated stress and inconvenience that goes along with it. This simple, yet powerful smart water monitoring system will give you instant peace of mind by alerting you the second a water leak is detected before major damage can occur.

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